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> Check if someone is looking for you in the Board  

Take a look at the messages: there could be someone who doesn't know or remember your name and left a message for you in the Board.  Or maybe for a friend of yours.

> Try to contact a person whose First/Last Name is Not Known  

Enter data from the person you are looking for, and leave him/her a short message.

Meaningful words to identify the wanted person [ i.e. words that may trigger the wanted person's attention;  things regarding you two, that can't be forgotten ]    
( Example: Robert, TWA steward, JFK Airport, Spilt Coffee ):

WHEN you have seen him/her for the last time
( Example: august 1969   --   Example: 1970-1972 [unsure] ):

WHERE you have seen him/her for the last time
( Example: Art Cafe - Boston, MA, USA   --   Example: Near Berlin, Germany ):

Elements useful to identify him/her:
A message you wish to leave to him/her:
Your data (name, any info to identify you):
Your contact infos (Your email, etc.):
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The FindBook Message Board

The FindBook Message Board is the place where a FindBook user leaves messages when he doesn't know or doesn't remember the First/Last Name of the person he is looking for.
(Infact regular FindBook messaging system can't be used in this case, since its identification system is based on First and Last Name).

You can browse through messages to check if there's a message for you or for a friend of yours.
You can also leave a message for someone whose First or Last Name you don't know or don't remember.

The most important information you should pay attention at, while you browse through messages, are the first three fields:
- The First Field contains words that should trigger the wanted person's attention.
- The Second and Third Fields indicate WHEN and WHERE the wanted person was seen for the last time by the person who left the message.