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Use Cases
FindBook allows you to contact any person in the world, even if you don't have any contact-info from this person, but you only know the First and Last name;

In particular, it's useful for:
- Finding people who are not on Facebook;
- Finding again an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or the First-Love after years;
- Get in touch again with ex-schoolfriends, ex-roommates, ex-college-friends, childhood-friends;
- Contact people that you met only once or occasionally (for example at a conference, at a party, during a vacation, etc.);
- Write to famous people who don't provide public contact-infos;
- Sons and daughters looking for parents who abandoned them when they where born (or whom, for any reason, they separated from);
- Immigrants who would like to get in touch again (sometimes after decades) with friends and parents in their homeland (and vice versa);
- Families forced to separation because of wars, whose contacts between components have been lost, and who are trying to find each other again;
- Families who, after earthquakes or natural disasters, have been separated during the emergency management phase. EXAMPLES: find again parents brought urgently in hospitals (possibly abroad) and that, for this reason, are believed missing; find again children that, found alone, have been brought in safe areas, and for the same reason are believed missing.
In all these cases, FindBook represents a unique point of contact between the single persons.
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