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FindBook      No Registration Required

> Check if someone is looking for you

Enter your name and surname here: someone could be trying to contact you. Otherwise enter name and surname of a friend of yours: if someone is trying to contact him, tell him!

If there's a message for the Name/Surname you specify, it will be displayed instantly.

Name (First Name):
Surname (Last Name):
 No Registration Required       


Names must be entered accurately in the fields above, otherwise an eventual existing message for the specified Name will not be found!
If you are in doubt for the correct way to enter First and Last Name, you should try with all the possible spelling combinations for that Name.

Click Here to Learn how to enter names correctly

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> Quick Facts on FindBook:
- Committed to simplicity: No Frills!
- Simple & Fast: no registration required, it takes
   10 or 60 seconds to get what you want.

- Totally Free (forever)

> What is FindBook?
- FindBook is intended to deliver messages to people
   you don't know how to contact.
- Two basical features:  
   1) Leave a message for somebody
   2) Check if someone is looking for you

> How It Works:
Let's see an example:

- You are looking for someone and want to contact him/her: so you leave a message on FindBook for the wanted person, specifying ACCURATELY the First and Last Name of the wanted person and how he/she can contact you.

1st case: If the person you are looking for checks for his/her own name on the FindBook home page, he/she will read your message and will be able to contact you back.

2nd case: a FindBook visitor knows the person you are looking for: He will first check if there are messages for himself. Then he will check if there are messages for his friends: if he enters the name of the person you are looking for, he will see that there's a message for this person, he will notify this person, and invite this person to read your message on FindBook. Then the person you are looking for will be able to contact you back.

- Please note that the 2nd case happens more frequently than you might think. To learn more about this CLICK HERE.

> Why FindBook Really Works:
- Thanks to the Theory of The Six Degrees of Separation, it's very easy to find someone that can put you in contact with the person you are looking for.   CLICK HERE to Learn More.

> In which cases FindBook can be useful?
- To read some Use Cases CLICK HERE.

> What Can I do if I don't Know the Person's First/Last Name?
- You can still use the "Message Board". Just CLICK HERE to Enter.